„Smart people attract smart people!”

We think, act and support our customers according to this credo so that great people find their way into an efficient and diverse team. Diversity enriches and makes you even more successful.

We are an exclusive HR boutique based in Munich, Germany committed to a society in which everyone can make full use of their skills and talents. We take responsibility for our candidates and for the companies that commission them. People are our passion and the perfect match is crucial for us.

Well-qualified women in business are the greatest untapped potential in this society. That's why our heart beats for female leadership. We strive to add value through diversity in terms of age, culture and gender with the right team at C-Level and at Board level. Executive Search redefined.

Let's unlock the power of diversity together. The increasingly complex structures require different perspectives in order to develop new solutions for the present and to make organizations fit for the future.


stands for positive, powerful people with passion = Power­house!
people make the difference!
People matter!


Executive Search:
C-Level Practice & Board Functions

In order to solve your entrepreneurial challenges, you need the right minds in the right combination and this paired together with a performance-enhancing culture.

The people, their talents and motivation are the strategic value add for companies. Top teams make the difference in every respect to ensure your competitive advantage.

The name Powerhouse says it all: Our commitment is reflected in our candidates across all sectors, as well as to our customers. We take respon­sibility for the trust stowed up on us and rely on each individual potential to ensure an sustainable increase in value within the team and therefore in the entire organi­zation.

Are you looking for the best minds for C-level or your board functions? We have the right people and can match your ambitions leading to a success. With our expertise and our excellent network, we can act quickly, accurately and for the long run.

Human Due Diligence: The decisive investment criterion

A good relationship is always needed every time business is done between individuals. Only then important and necessary information can be exchanged. It’s the fellow employees of a company and the relationship with each other what determines the success of the company, not the size of the investment.

Technology is an important, if not the most important foundation for companies. It takes people who carry technology and products across the finish line to achieve success. During the due diligence aiming for an acquisition, particularly with technology, products are evaluated in detail, but people are often "overlooked". We help you to invest and uncover the hidden risks of the target company in addition to discovering people-based opportunities.

In the course of a business transaction or takeover, Powerhouse strategically and carefully examines, evaluates and analyzes the human resources of companies for you. We focus on the management structures, management processes, HR tools and systems, and last but not least, the corporate culture.

Thanks to our deep understanding of cross-industry companies and their challenges as well as their organizational structures, coupled with many years of corporate experience as CEO by Hanns-Peter Knaebel (Aesculap/B. Braun, Röchling, Heidelberg University Hospital), as well as through empathy and appreciation, we are able to provide a valuable analysis and description of the "current assets".


Dr. Bettina Fischer

Dr. Bettina Fischer

Super­visory Board Search & HR Due Diligence

Bettina Fischer is the perfect example of a team player with an entrepreneurial spirit. She owns a deep expertise with pragmatic skills, solution-oriented thinking and a special empathy. She had recognized early on that it is always the people who are decisive for the success of a company. Bettina can inspire and convince people. Together with a close professional network, she founded Powerhouse Consult GmbH in February 2023. The topic of "Female Leadership" is a subject close to her heart. It is during the team construction that she takes into account both female top managers and their male colleagues who together can practice diversity spirit in the company. Bettina Fischer is convinced of the power of diversity and how if reflects positively on the teams.

Diversity in terms of age, culture and gender. Different impulses are what enable different approaches to solutions and their exchange. In addition, a "fresh pace" in the team, this with an assuming appreciation, can create an enriched corporate culture for everyone.

For more than 30 years, Bettina Fischer has been working as a consultant both in line functions and entrepreneurially across all industries at an international level. Most recently, she worked as a management consultant for the board of a NASDAQ - listed Biotech Company. Coming from a family business, she founded, built up and successfully sold her own company for children's textiles. Prior to that, she worked for more than five years as an investment manager and authorized signatory in Venture Capital and Private Equity companies.

After graduating from high school, Bettina Fischer completed an apprenticeship as a commercial specialist in the textile industry in Munich. She studied Economics at the University of Regensburg (Dipl. Kfm.) and received her doctor degree on Trade Relations in the Textile Industry from the Freie University of Berlin (Dr. rer. pol.). She has three children and lives with her family in Munich, Germany.

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Prof. Dr. med. Hanns-Peter Knaebel, MBA

C-Level Search & HR Due Diligence

Hanns-Peter Knaebel has supported and helped shape the Powerhouse Consult GmbH idea from the very beginning. In his functions as CEO of Aesculap AG and member of the Executive Board of the B. Braun Group, CEO of the Röchling Group as well as his position as a surgeon and a consultant surgeon at the Surgical University Hospital Heidelberg, he gained management experience in very different organizations and industries. He knows the advantages and strengths of cross-professional and diverse teams, which bring valuable and new impulses to all levels and positions.

Hanns-Peter Knaebel believes in diversity of teams and on female leadership. Hanns-Peter is married with four children. He lives between Lake Constance and the Swiss Alps.

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Prof. Dr. med. Hanns-Peter Knaebel, MBA



We are looking forward to soon introducing exciting female and diverse leadership representatives who will implement this topic with positive power and help us!


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